Hanna Gigling’s Sculptures

Figurative Sculptures

The passion for sculpting that I have developed over the last few years has turned into a wonderful obsession. For many years, I have been modeling heads in clay. After this process, I began carving heads in marble. The process for both is overwhelming and gives me pure happiness, satisfaction, and obsesses me. My aim is to create a realistic human head with an in-depth face and try to express myself, giving the special emotional character of the face, which I later translate into the stone.

Figurative Marble Sculptures

Figurative Art

In my journey through figurative sculpting, I breathe life into cold materials, rendering the human form in all its glorious intricacy and emotion. This tangible and relatable representation enables a connection, a silent conversation between the artwork and the observer, reflecting the diverse spectrum of human experience..

Figurative Sculpture